Outsource Your Payroll To Experts

Prudent Head Hunterz will offer following services in Payroll Outsourcing:

Attendance and Leave Management

• Attendance management through Bio-metric device or through Excel templates as agreed.
• Maintaining Leave records and making leave balances available to employees through Online ESS or pay slips.

Salary Processing

• Processing of Monthly Salary considering applicable statutory compliances as per the input details received from client.
• Preparing Draft and Final Salary Sheets including Bank Transfers, Cheque & Cash details.


• Verification of Reimbursement Bills.
• Processing and preparing final Reimbursements sheets including Bank Transfers, Cheque & Cash details.


TDS Compliance

• Computation of Tax to be deducted on a Monthly basis from the Salary of Employees based on details received and declarations made by employees.
• Preparation of monthly advice of TDS to be deposited by the client.
• Preparation of Quarterly TDS Statement in Form 24Q to be submitted to the Income-­‐tax Department.
• Handling TDS Default notices and revising returns wherever required.

Employees Taxation

• Arranging Tax workshops and providing online consultancy to employees on salary related taxation matters.
• Verifying Investment Proofs and making final tax computations on the basis of same.
• Preparation and distribution of digitally signed Form 16 & 12BA to employees at they earned.

Other Statutory Compliances

• Management of agreed PF related compliances such as payment advice, return filing, submission of statutory forms, generation of UAN etc.
• Handling ESI, Professional Tax and Labour Welfare Fund compliances as mutually agreed.
• Monthly Return Filing of PF- ECR, ESI returns

Other Services

• Processing Full and Final settlements on the basis of inputs received from client.
• Emailing Pay slips, Tax Computations and Other useful Information to Employees.
• Bonus, Gratuity, Leave Encashment calculations etc. as per company’s policy and relevant acts and regulations.
• Addressing Employees Queries through email-ID(payrollexperts@prudentheadhunterz.com)
Online distribution(e-distribution) of payslips and important docs through Cloud Saas based software.